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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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Decision Automation

Streamline Your Decision Process and Respond to Business Applicants in Minutes

Recent studies have shown that borrowers want the friendly local decisions and customer service community-based institutions are known for. At the same time, they are demanding quicker decisions and more efficient methods of applying for credit. Some institutions have been reluctant to utilize technology to assist in the process of decision automation, fearing that result would be automated and impersonal decisions. Nothing could be further from the truth. A well-designed loan underwriting and decision system works to enhance all the strengths currently held by your community institution while helping you become more efficient.

Using Commercial Lending DecisionCenter™, you can automate and simplify the application and decision process safely and securely. You’ll attract local businesses to your loan products by providing a superior customer experience and grow your portfolio in the process. You’ll give your borrowers the technology-driven experience they need combined with the personal touch they expect from your institution. 

  • Simplify underwriting. By pairing loan criteria specific to your institution with multiple types of credit intelligence, you can simplify complex underwriting workflows. 

  • Electronically sign documents. With web-based and mobile approval queues, you and your borrowers can electronically sign digital documents. DecisionCenter also integrates with DocuSign®. 

  • Respond in minutes. With web access and process automation, you can respond to all types of business loan inquiries in minutes. 

  • Make instant decisions. Multiple decision paths apply instant decisions on small loans and performs analysis on the more complex.

  • No re-keying of data is required. When working with existing customers, you will receive instant access and verification from your core system. 

  • Integration. The decisioning tool is completely integrated with your sales and credit pipeline. 

Financial spreading and analytics include individual and global cash flows, personal and business tax return spreading, and traditional balance sheets and income statements. Multiple spread models are supported – including general middle market, not-for-profit, hospital not-for-profit, contractor, and personal. Financial spreading is also user-friendly and designed to limit mouse use to speed data entry.

Quick Decision 

Today, quick decisioning features are critical to commercial lending success. As businesses become more adept at mobile usage and increasingly more comfortable conducting their finances online, it’s crucial for your institution to provide the tools expected in today’s lending environment. With the Quick Decision option, multiple decision paths can apply instant decisions on small loans and perform analysis on more complex loan requests. Features of Quick Decision include: 

  • Secure applications accepted 24/7 from your own website. 

  • Simplified, dynamic loan applications: collect only the information required for the type of loan requested. 

  • Option to validate the applicant by asking out-of-wallet questions. 

  • Immediate credit inquiries return blended, personal, and business scores – which you can incorporate into your own scorecard. 

  • Notify an applicant instantly or queue for review before giving a decision. 

  • Integrates with your core system to display complete information on existing customers. 

  • Share additional product offerings to enhance the relationship.

Info Hub 

What if you could easily automate the process of requesting and collecting key documents from the borrowers you serve? Better still: What if you could offer borrowers maximum flexibility, enabling them to provide the documentation at a time that is convenient for them? What if you could communicate terms, obtain signatures, and share status updates all in the same place? 

With the Information Hub (Info Hub) and the Commercial Lending Center Suite™, you gain a secure convenient online portal for today’s borrowers to securely upload requested documents, decreasing the time for loan decisions to be made. Essentially this means you can now fully automate online loan requests. 

Using Info Hub, you can: 

  • Easily request documents using customizable, system-generated email templates. 

  • Automatically (or manually) request documents for the borrower to securely upload. 

  • Receive uploads of document types like Excel®, Word® and PDFs with a size limit of up to 50 MB. 

  • Push term sheets or counteroffers directly to borrowers for acknowledgement using DocuSign integration. 

Documents uploaded to the Info Hub automatically flow into the Commercial Lending Center (CLC) Suite where you can review them for accuracy. If the document supplied by an applicant is incorrect, you can reject the document and send the individual a notification to upload the correct one. 

With Info Hub, you can also fully brand the portal with your institution’s colors and logo(s). 

DecisionCenter is part of the CLC Suite, a digital loan lifecycle management system from ProfitStars® that empowers your lenders to seamlessly manage business customer relationships throughout the life of the entire relationship.

Automate Loan Decisions Without Compromising Credit Culture

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