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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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Commercial Lending Center Suite™ Mobile

Convenient On-the-Go Tool for Lenders 

Current market trends continue moving swiftly toward mobile usage, and the lending process is no exception. What if you could more effectively serve today’s business borrowers by giving your lenders a convenient way to take the Commercial Lending Center Suite on the road with them? 

With the new Commercial Lending Center (CLC) Suite mobile application, you can give your lenders access to tools in the field rather than keeping them tied to their desk. When you choose the CLC Suite mobile application, you can empower your lenders and executives with valuable functionality and accessibility while on-the-go. 

Key features of the mobile technology include: 


  • View officer-specific information anytime and anywhere, including sales goals, document review and sorting, items past due, and more. 

Mobile Approvals 

  • Speed up the decision process with alerts for approvals and loan presentation review. 
  • Indicate a digital decision for loans, including those that require committee review. 
Site Visits 
  • Real-time flow into the CLC Suite that makes it easy to add a site visit right from the application. Indicate a visit is done, fill in a visit report, and add free-form notes or photos to go right into the loan file. 
Leads and Lead Tracking 
  • Create, edit, or check lead information from anywhere, including updates to the probability of closure and tasks needed for completion. 
Engagement and Followups 
  • Easy appointment scheduling, engagement review, and follow-up, including the ability to choose an email template, send emails from the application, and more. 
Working with CLC Suite Mobile, you will: 
  • Equip lenders with all the information they need wherever they go, providing superior quality and flexibility of service. 
  • Gain seamless experiences through your lenders’ ability to work offline and online. 
  • Significantly shorten the time lenders take to complete steps in the process. 
  • Benefit from instant and non-intrusive notifications, including approvals. 
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs. 
  • Increase communication between your employees, vendors, and consumers. 
  • Have all client information at your fingertips, including integration with core data. 
There’s no longer a need for your lenders to wait until they’re back in the office to add information or access the CLC Suite. For more information on the Commercial Lending Center Suite mobile application, simply contact us today at 877-827-7101 or​.

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