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Cognos® BI

Web-based business intelligence and enterprise reporting

Cognos BI, offered through a strategic partnership with IBM®, supports banks' business intelligence and dynamic reporting requirements, and significantly decreases the time and cost historically required to generate and distribute enterprise-wide decision-support information and reports. This first-of-its-kind solution supports numerous output formats and the creation, distribution, and modification of a broad range of business reports and ad hoc queries. Cognos BI's advanced distribution capabilities accommodate multiple destinations and allow specific report sections to be distributed to select recipients. This system’s intuitive design, browser-based user interface, and drag-and-drop operation enable non-technical and novice personnel to immediately generate meaningful business data, reports, and dashboards.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® and CIF 20/20® platforms. 

For SilverLake System and CIF 20/20 customers who use JHA OutLink Processing Services™, Cognos BI is available as a hosted service.

What It Does

  • Delivers pixel-perfect, high quality reports to multiple users.
  • Provides unprecedented flexibility for novice to advanced users to create complex reports with drag-and-drop simplicity. 
  • Provides locale sensitivity and advanced multilingual capabilities that can deploy reports to match any database language. 
  • Eliminates the need for IT to install and manage client desktop software by providing a zero footprint, Web-based deployment. 
  • Provides an easy-to-use, intuitive browser-based interface that ensures users can access and work with the reports they require to be effective in their jobs. 
  • Provides prompting and saved views that allow personalization and customization of reports to suit individual needs. 
  • Simplifies report creation and modification for both IT and business authors by extending authoring to a broad audience. 
  • Performs a single execution of a report, sections the report as required, and distributes the sections to the appropriate recipients based on report content. 
  • Executes scheduled batch reporting jobs simultaneously or sequentially to multiple output formats and destinations. 
  • Allows users and IT to schedule reports based on time, date, data availability, or other parameters. 
  • Efficiently delivers widespread, timely, and personalized reports through report bursting. 
  • Allows administrators and users to choose multiple delivery options. 
  • Provides access to reporting analytics on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry smartphones.

What It Does For You

  • Addresses all reporting requirements with one product, dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership of an enterprise reporting solution. 
  • Helps bankers make more effective business decisions. 
  • Allows ease-of-use for everyone – from the first-time user to the advanced report author. 
  • Extends the power to create, distribute, and modify reports across the organization. 
  • Delivers unrivaled enterprise reporting coverage; streamlined creation, distribution, and modification of reports; and unparalleled openness, flexibility, and scalability. 
  • Enhances user adoption and improves productivity. 
  • Dramatically reduces the time needed to build and deploy simple or complex reports. 
  • Decreases the demands on IT by alleviating the report creation and modification backlog. 
  • Product Briefs
    Cognos BI Product Brief

    As banks strive to grow their businesses, decrease costs, and streamline their operating environments, they need fast access to business intelligence and decision-support information and a user-friendly, enterprise-wide reporting solution. Cognos BI simplifies the creation, distribution, and modification of reports while offering a Web-based experience that is designed to support users of every skill level.

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