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Data warehousing, analysis, and reporting

jhaKnow is a customizable data warehousing and decision-support system that consolidates and transforms days, months, and years of raw data into an enterprise-wide data and reporting repository. This sophisticated system uses industry-standard technology from Microsoft® to build and secure its data and reporting layers. Because jhaKnow is built on the Microsoft SQL Server platform, a bank’s current query and presentation tools can be used to explore the data, helping to ensure maximum return on investment. jhaKnow also has its own intuitive user portal to support bank executives, product managers, and frontline users without added expense. Menus are structured to provide the reporting and dashboard content necessary to run the bank. New reports, charts, and summarized dashboard content can be created and added to the system as needed.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform.

What It Does

  • Extracts, transforms, and stores data from JHA and third-party data sources.
  • Stores and manages data snapshots based on banks’ data retention goals. 
  • Defines and uses bank-defined hierarchies and value ranges. 
  • Supports the creation of reports through the Report Builder tool. 
  • Enforces role-based security to reports and system functionality. 
  • Provides special data views that simplify field selection and table joins. 
  • Supports the automatic delivery of report content through subscriptions. 
  • Supports exporting of reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, MHTML, XML, TIFF, and Word formats. 
  • Accommodates annual modifications to SilverLake and select complementary system data in the jhaKnow system tables. 
  • Provides pre-configured data mapping and logic for SilverLake and select Jack Henry Banking complementary products.

What It Does For You

  • Helps ensure executives, business analysts, and operational staff receive the information they need, when they need it, and in the desired format they need it in. 
  • Allows the trending of historical information to identify opportunities and to help forecast future direction. 
  • Significantly reduces time producing standard bank reports. 
  • Assures data quality and validity of management and operational reports. 
  • Delivers all tools needed to build, maintain, and report from a data warehouse in one application from a single vendor using industry-standard Microsoft tools. 
  • Supports customization by the bank or through contracted services with JHA. 
  • Notifies administrators when key data is newly introduced to the system and needs to be mapped so information in reports remains accurate. 
  • Tracks system usage and non-usage, helping to identify individuals needing assistance or reports that may need performance tuning.
  • Product Briefs
    jhaKnow Product Brief

    If you’re struggling to efficiently gather your business-critical reports from data silos scattered across your enterprise, consider jhaKnow. This data warehousing solution can dramatically improve your operations by delivering to your desktop the strategic and operational information you want, when you want it. With jhaKnow, you spend less time querying and validating data, and more time making intelligent decisions that support your business objectives and maximize profitability potential.

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