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​Bank Marketing Center™

Turnkey marketing materials subscription service

Bank Marketing Center, provided through a strategic partnership with, is an extremely cost-effective, user-friendly solution for creating ads and marketing materials. This Web-based platform fully automates the creation of print ads, direct mail and email campaigns, statement stuffers, product- and service-specific brochures, posters, flyers, newsletters, and more. Banks can customize each piece with their logos, slogans, text, photos, branch locations, and rates – all in minutes and in a point-and-click environment. This service provides an administrative queue for marketing, compliance, and bank management approvals; the ability to print each piece instantly or email them to jhaDirect for printing, mailing, and warehousing; complete inventory management; and ongoing access to all bank-specific marketing materials for updating. Bank Marketing Center also provides the ability to target materials to defined markets, maintain a database of preferred publications, and submit ads electronically to those publications. The asset-based cost for this service is a fraction of what banks would pay agencies to produce comparable marketing materials and campaigns.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System®, CIF 20/20®, and Core Director® platforms.


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