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Relationship 360™

Fully integrated, customizable rewards and loyalty based on holistic customer relationships

Relationship Rewards, offered through a strategic partnership with Saylent Technologies, supports rewards programs based on holistic customer relationships and behaviors. Sophisticated and automated analytics deliver accurate customer insights on transaction behavior and payment patterns, and objectively, quickly, and accurately measure the impact of each rewards program. The system supports the entire customer relationship including loans, CDs, deposit accounts, and non-traditional accounts. At the end of each monthly or quarterly rewards period, the system dynamically adjusts the defined checking, savings, money market, or club account for qualified customers with premium interest rate adjustments, cash back (flat fee or calculated), ATM surcharge reimbursement, transaction fee refunds, service charge refunds (in whole or part), fees assessed to an account, or points programs for cash.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® and CIF 20/20® platforms.

What It Does

  • Provides full integration with the SilverLake System and CIF 20/20 core processing systems.
  • Leverages core integration for business and payment intelligence to:
    • Generate accurate customer insights
    • Build tiered customer segmentation strategies
  • Develop programs for targeted customer segments
  • Uses holistic customer relationships to drive dynamic account programs.
  • Automatically adjusts the defined checking, savings, money market, or club accounts for “qualified” customers.
  • Allows administrators and users to choose multiple delivery options.
  • Provides access to reporting analytics on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry smartphones.
  • Allows for both the automatic charging of a fee or for the granting of incentives.
  • Supports all account types including loan, time deposit, and DDA accounts as well as the corresponding customer data.
  • Generates sophisticated analysis on rewards programs as well as non-rewards accounts.
  • Integrates with Jack Henry Banking’s Electronic Statements™ and Electronic Statements—Interactive™ solutions.
  • Maintains full security compliance in accordance with Jack Henry Banking’s stringent requirements for all ASP solutions. 

What It Does For You

  • Creates "sticky" products to retain your profitable customers, attract new desired customers, grow loyal relationships, and maximize your profitability.
  • Improves your profits by driving customers to transactions that generate fee income or are less expensive for you to process.
  • Allows you to define the transaction types and conditional thresholds that are appropriate for your unique market and customer segments.
  • Aligns your program expense with the corresponding revenue and cost savings to facilitate a positive ROI for your bank.
  • Provides the flexibility to support formal product offerings as well as short-term branch and new account opening promotions.
  • Offers optimal flexibility in deciding which criteria your product programs will be based on.
  • Enables product adaptation to meet your unique strategic goals and the needs of your bank.
  • Provides complete transparency to monitor your program performance and its impact on your bottom line.
  • Speeds your time to market by responding quickly and effectively to evolving market-driven demands.
  • Helps solidify your long-term customer relationships by providing enhanced value and service that recognizes their existing patterns of behavior.
  • Increases your operational efficiency through advanced analytics, product qualification reporting, and automated account adjustments for both fees and incentives.
  • Assists you in achieving the coveted "primary institution" status with customers. 
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  • Tools & Resources
    R360|rethink Past Sessions White Paper

    Eighty-eight percent of Americans say their top priority when choosing where to bank is rewards for everyday banking activities. Sixty-five percent would increase their wallet share with an institution that provided rewards. What are your reward programs doing to attract new customers and retain existing ones?
  • Product Briefs
    Relationship 360 Product Brief

    The ability to dynamically analyze transaction activity and patterns of customer behavior can be a daunting task. Relationship 360 enables detailed queries of your core customer, account, and transaction data to reveal actionable intelligence. Opportunities are everywhere if you have the right insights to find them.
  • Case Study
    Relationship 360™ and Extraco Banks
    "With Relationship 360, you are empowered to deliver exactly what your customers tell you they want.” -- Lindsay Green, Senior Vice President, Extraco Banks
    Relationship 360™ - First State
    “Our newly designed Rewards Checking Account program has quickly become our most profitable per-customer account. Our particular program was designed to increase debit card usage and increase fee income while promoting electronic statement delivery. It has accomplished this and more.” - Randy Miller, SVP
    Relationship 360™ and First South Bank
    “At First South Bank, we honestly feel like we couldn’t do what we’re doing today without Relationship 360.” - Randy Woodson, Chief Operating Officer, First South Bank
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