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SilverLake File Manager™ 

Send data directly to your commercial customers 

With SilverLake File Manager, you can send data directly to your commercial customers without requiring online banking to download data. The File Manager functionality can be added to your SilverLake System® core to produce files out of the end-of-day processes for Bank Administration Institute (BAI and BAI2); Automated Clearing House (ACH) Returns and Corrections; ACH National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) formatted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI); ACH raw EDI; and previous day check. With File Manager, you can also take advantage of being sent a current day check file for items received via Inclearing, improving the workflow for both your bank and your commercial customers, and provide previous day paid items to the end customers 

Give your commercial customers the power of automation 

When you choose SilverLake File Manager, your commercial customers can easily automate their processes by using BAI files to load Payables/ Receivables platforms, Cash Management applications, and consolidation banks. They can also use ACH Notification of Change (NOC) files to update records to ensure proper payments or deposits at the receiving bank or credit union, meaning they don’t have to wait on notices or update systems manually. Your commercial customers will also be able to use ACH return files to debit return items from the appropriate customer account or stop future purchases from the company or individual until such time as they’re paid the money owed. 

When it comes to reconcilement and fraud detection, your commercial customers will have the ability to use previous day check files to load to Account Recon modules as well as use current day check files for Controlled Disbursement to determine funding requirements or load to Account Recon platforms when items are presented – as opposed to after they’re paid. Last but not least, your commercial customers can use ACH EDI files to load directly to Payables/Receivables to have their systems updated automatically. 

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform.

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