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Core Banking Solutions
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Banking Co​re Solutions

Functionally Distinct Core Banking Systems and Platforms​

Jack Henry Banking was founded in 1976 in response to the growing demand for off-the-shelf core banking software. More than three decades later, it supports approximately 1,100 banks – ranging from community banks to mid-tier institutions – with market-leading in-house and outsourced core processing solutions and providing banking core systems. 

Now, consumers are used to exercising the luxury of 24/7 access to their banking accounts. They no longer must go to a physical bank to open an account, check on their statements, and manage finances. Consumers have constant access to their money either through online services or mobile apps. Why bank in person when you can do it online? 

Bank branches won’t disappear completely though. Customers will still need to visit physical stores for complicated transactions and to make complaints face-to-face, but counter transactions are disappearing quickly. The challenge now is trying to get that right mix of branches and digital offerings as quickly as possible. 

Your institution must quickly adapt and rethink their banking core systems, yet market pressures and regulatory burdens present bank owners with a tough choice: either focus on reducing costs by driving back-office efficiency or pursue a growth strategy fueled by innovation.

Jack Henry Banking can give your bank the tools to operate efficiently while introducing innovations that delight customers, drive greater engagement and grow profitable market share. Because we are fully focused on banking technology, our deep industry knowledge enables us to design a solution specific to your unique needs.

Jack Henry Banking provides three functionally distinct core banking platforms:

  • SilverLake System® is a highly customizable, IBM® Power™ System-based solution for commercial banks
  • CIF 20/20® is a parameter-driven, IBM Power System-based solution 
  • Core Director® is a Windows®-based core processing solution 

These market-leading core banking systems are constantly evolving with ongoing client-driven enhancements, regular introduction of new complementary products, integration of practical new technologies, and strict regulatory compliance. We value the input from our clients about future enhancements, and we incorporate functional innovations regularly. Jack Henry Banking operates on a customer first premise. 

As technology reshapes how consumers spend and save their money it is important to keep up with ongoing banking trends to provide clients with a better experience. Our core banking software is designed specifically to stay up to date with the demands of customers. We want to give new banks the digital infrastructure to provide a seamless, system based solutions to cover everything from fraud to compliance so their customers are satisfied both in and out of the bank.

Jack Henry Banking integrates these powerful core banking systems with more than 140 complementary products and services, making us your single source for enterprise-wide automation and a single point of contact and support for today’s complex information processing platforms. These platforms are the key to a successful user experience.

If you’re ready to discuss next steps with Jack Henry Banking contact us today. We are prepared to provide optimal support with our core banking systems and take your bank to the next level of customer satisfaction. 


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