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SilverLake System

IBM Power Systems-Based core processing solution

Our ultimate goal is to provide the expertise and the integrated technology that diverse banks need to execute and maximize their unique and evolving strategies, and to capitalize on the dynamic trends shaping the financial services industry.

SilverLake System is a competitively distinct, extremely powerful banking platform that provides highly customizable, enterprise-wide automation designed for growth- and commercial-focused banks ranging from community banks to multi-billion, mid-tier institutions. Approximately 400 banks have entrusted their ability to attract, serve, and retain their customers to SilverLake including more than 20 percent of the domestic mid-tier banks with assets ranging from $1 billion to $30 billion.

SilverLake can be installed in-house or implemented through JHA OutLink Processing Services, Jack Henry Banking’s outsourced offering. Banks also have the option to fully customize the system to support their unique operational requirements or the system can be implemented for OutLink customers as an "off-the-shelf" solution using an expedited and streamlined process.

This bank-centric system effectively supports dynamic processing requirements by integrating robust core functionality with approximately 140 best-of-suite complementary products and services. SilverLake can also leverage existing technology investments with jXchange, a services-oriented architecture on a .NET platform that provides open connectivity between Jack Henry Banking’s core and complementary products and third-party niche solutions.

This sophisticated information and transaction-processing platform continually benefits from client- and regulatory-driven enhancements to the core functionality, the regular introduction of new complementary solutions, and the integration of practical new technologies. SilverLake maximizes operating flexibility and each bank’s technology investment with its open architecture, scalable hardware platform, and proven ability to seamlessly accommodate long-term growth and the dynamic product, service, and technology trends shaping the financial services industry.

SilverLake consistently generates the highest client retention rate among IBM Power system-based solutions.

Summit Support

Summit Support provides  change control for products running on an IBM Power System platform. This SilverLake System-exclusive service provides the ability to thoroughly test standard or custom code changes and new product or service  offerings. Summit Support accommodates user acceptance testing (UAT) utilizing highly trained support representatives, customer relationship managers, and business analysts for larger, complex custom projects. This solution enforces tighter controls and accountability by implementing individualized profiles for SilverLake products and providing reports that audit the details of those profiles. This service also offers an extended release review period. Considering the stringent regulations and examinations imposed on banks nationwide, Summit Support supports the smooth operation of the complex data processing environments that are inherent in today’s financial industry.

Enterprise-Wide Automation

SilverLake is integrated with approximately 140 high-demand complementary products and services that enhance the core functionality and enable banks to respond to specific business opportunities and resolve operational challenges.

Our best-of-suite complementary solutions include retail delivery, online, mobile, payments, imaging, information security, risk management, business intelligence, financial performance, training, and consulting solutions.

SilverLake – A Bottom Line Strategy

Technology drives your ability to continually enhance customer service and convenience, aggressively and successfully compete, increase performance and profitability, and increase operating efficiencies while reducing operating costs.

SilverLake is much more than a core processing platform - it is a bottom line strategy. If you are considering the impact of mission-critical technology on your ability to execute your business strategy and enhance your competitive position, there are approximately 425 banks that would encourage you to consider SilverLake and Jack Henry Banking. Contact us to learn more, schedule a demonstration, or talk to an existing user. ​

For more information about SilverLake, to schedule a demonstration, or to talk to an existing user, contact us at
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    SilverLake System Product Brief

    Our ultimate goal is to provide the expertise and the integrated technology diverse banks need to execute and maximize their unique and evolving strategies, and to capitalize on the dynamic trends shaping the financial services industry.

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