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Check Imaging
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4|sight™ Item Imaging

Bank-centric check imaging

4|sight is a flexible and cost-effective check imaging platform that deploys competitively distinct n-tier architecture to provide operational flexibility. This bank-centric imaging platform supports centralized and distributed processing environments, allowing image capture and archiving across multiple locations, and can be easily configured and modified to support dynamic operational and volume requirements. Operating as one of the most feature-rich imaging platforms, 4|sight integrates robust functionality with advanced optional components including CAR/LAR and IQUA processing, image integrity and amount verification, remote branch capture, electronic cash letter generation, enhanced positive pay, customized email and CD-ROM statement generation, comingled and multi-bank processing, fraud detection and prevention functionality, advanced keying functions with automated MICR correction, and multiple access channels including Internet, email, CD-ROM, print, and fax. This system's open design leverages ongoing advancements in imaging and Web technology and facilitates complete regulatory compliance with Check 21.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System, CIF 20/20, and Core Director platforms.

What It Does

  • Deploys a three-tier architecture that provides variable geographic deployment options, operational flexibility, scalability, and transport independence.
  • Facilitates complete regulatory compliance with Check 21 and leverages the operational efficiencies generated by image exchange, image cash letter generation and receipt, and image exception processing in the Check 21 environment, supporting bank-defined exchange options.
  • Supports bank-specific workflow.
  • Leverages ever-advancing imaging technology.
  • Supports dynamic customer, market, operational, and volume requirements.
  • Enables the migration of and access to images archived in legacy check imaging systems.
  • Fully integrates with certified third-party core solutions and is compatible with the leading capture transports and many data storage alternatives.
  • Allows for installation in-house or outsourced implementation to Jack Henry Banking.
  • Extends the flexibility of image capture beyond the traditional centralized POD operations center.
  • Allows checks to be processed closer to the point of presentment.
  • Provides the option of creating regional capture centers, capturing checks at individual branches, or both.
  • Allows the regional and branch capture locations to be fully functional POD operations that scan, enter amounts, balance, and transmit images to the main check operations center.
  • Provides the option to be combined with CAR and LAR technology to allow the items to be captured at a remote location, but balanced at a centralized operations center.
  • Offers an optional CIRM module that provides important check image and data validation features.
  • Includes numerous advanced optional components.

What It Does For You

  • Revolutionizes item processing by converting paper-based checks into digital images and processing them electronically.
  • Provides a flexible, dependable, and easy-to-operate check imaging system.
  • Incorporates system services that run in the background to automate many of the item processing administrative tasks that were previously performed manually.
  • Offers the most complete, fully-integrated, and scalable item imaging solution.
  • Generates material operating efficiencies.
  • Enhances customer service and convenience.
  • Expedites research by streamlining information access and distribution.
  • Eliminates costly couriers.
  • Speeds the availability of funds.
  • Reduces labor, postage, and operating costs.
  • Reduces the risk associated with poor quality images, which cause clearing delays, additional expense, and institution liability.
  • Product Briefs
    4|sight Item Imaging Product Brief

    As the landscape of the financial services industry continues to change, banks are challenged more than ever to operate more efficiently at the lowest cost possible. 4|sight Item Imaging provides banks with a fully integrated, cost effective, and secure check imaging solution.

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