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Synergy Document Management
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Synergy Batch Document Recognition™ (BDR)

Workstation-based document classification and indexing

Synergy Batch Document Recognition (BDR) is a workstation-based solution that can automatically read and extract text and barcode index information from a batch of structured documents using template-based recognition, bringing new levels of speed and accuracy to the indexing process. Synergy BDR uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically read and extract index information from a batch of documents during the indexing process. Indexing templates are used to determine where Synergy's capture modules should look on a physical page for specific indexing information.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System®, CIF 20/20®, and Core Director platforms.

  • Product Briefs
    Synergy Batch Document Recognition Product Brief

    Better document management is easy with ADR and BDR. These innovative modules of Jack Henry Banking’s Synergy Enterprise Content Management™ (ECM) suite automates the indexing process, enabling your bank to save time and improve accuracy.

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