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Synergy Document Management
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Synergy Kofax Transformation Module™

Document transformation into structured electronic information

Synergy Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) is a suite of add-on applications for Kofax Capture that streamline the transformation of documents into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business processes. It replaces manual, error-prone, and expensive document sorting and data entry processes with automatic document classification, separation, and data extraction. Kofax KTM for invoices, in combination with Kofax Capture, provides accounts payable departments with the ability to capture paper or electronic invoices at remote and central sites, extract all the necessary information automatically, and match it to purchase order data. This enables automatic booking of invoices in the leading ERP systems and image storage in Synergy ECM.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System®, CIF 20/20®, and Core Director platforms.

What It Does

  • Automates the advanced capture, classification, and recognition of documents and forms. 
  • Leverages flexible architecture that supports central capture or distributed remote capture. 
  • Automates the delivery of properly classified and indexed documents and data into Synergy. 
  • Provides turnkey report generation capabilities. 
  • Offers sophisticated user tracking capabilities. 
  • Provides the ability to capture faxes and e-mails. 
  • Identifies and presents exceptions. 
  • Brings a full breadth of functionality to remote sites and branches regardless of network connection speed. 
  • Streamlines the transformation of documents into structured electronic information with the optional Synergy KTM modules.

What It Does For You

  • Provides scalable options that grow with banks’ unique needs. 
  • Increases efficiency and data accuracy by eliminating manual data entry. 
  • Accelerates capture process and minimizes processing time. 
  • Reduces ongoing labor costs. 
  • Offers easy installation and user-friendly functionality.
  • Product Briefs
    Synergy Kofax Transformation Module Product Brief

    Convert your paper documents into reusable electronic business information seamlessly with Synergy Kofax Capture. This module of the Synergy Enterprise Management (ECM) solution combines ease-of-use with leading-edge document capture technology, providing the advanced functionality you can consistently expect from Jack Henry Banking.

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