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jhaEnterprise Workflow™

Workflow Automation for Multi-Step Business Processes

There is no denying the old cliché that “time is money,” especially in the context of the multi-step business processes relied upon by today’s financial institutions. How are you losing both time, and money? Manual workflow processes slow your institution down, diverting attention from customers, increasing operating expenses, and creating unnecessary opportunities for errors and compliance issues.

jhaEnterprise Workflow simplifies business processes by fully automating, streamlining, and standardizing any procedures that involve multiple steps, individuals, groups, departments, and systems. It supports virtually any process that is performed with a series of consistent steps; automatically routing assignments based on established credentials, permission levels, and availability, and strictly enforcing established approval processes.

These business processes may include multiple JHA products (core, content management, and more) along with 3rd party applications to provide unmatched integration. jhaEnterprise​ ​Workflow facilitates business processes that spans various people and departments to ensure that all tasks are completed both timely and properly.

What you may see as a resource problem is really a workflow problem. By applying workflow automation thinking to multi-step business processes, the need for time-consuming manual tasks and redundant data entry is eliminated. The result? You now have a streamlined, cost-effective way to reduce operational risk and expense.

Workflow automation greatly improves internal communication within your bank, helping to streamline and simplify processes that, if handled incorrectly, could cause serious risk. The jhaEnterprise Workflow solution facilitates timers and notifications of workflows and tasks.  You can be sure that you are meeting and exceeding your bank service-level agreements (SLA), and providing your customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations. 

By automating workflows, you effectively assign a workflow author who is responsible for every part of the process. For each step in the process, there is one person designated to perform a specific action. By doing this you are creating a system of accountability, where everyone knows what specific tasks they are responsible for. This also reveals which tasks take the most time to complete and where the process seems to get held up the most frequently.

By implementing workflow automation, everyone at your bank knows who is responsible for each task, and everyone is clear on their tasks and deadlines. Workflow automation also enables you to make better future decisions to create more effective processes and assign work accordingly.  The most effective way to implement a new workflow is to include the stakeholders who are involved in that process during the design phase.  This ensures that all touchpoints are addressed.

Our workflow automation solution is available to banks using the SilverLake System®, CIF 20/20®, and Core Director® platforms.​

What It Does

  • Automates and streamlines business processes that involve multiple tasks, steps, individuals, groups, departments, and systems. Applies workflow automation to virtually any business process that can be performed with a series of consistent steps.
  • Supports tasks and processes that must be performed in multiple applications.
  • Routes assignments to individuals, groups, or departments based on credentials and permission levels, availability, and the rotation of assignments.
  • Enforces credentials and permission levels for each automated process.
  • Automates the required approval process for each automated process.
  • Maintains audit trails for every automated business process.
  • Enables bank managers to monitor workflow progress.
  • Enables system administrators to view all active workflows, the status of each, and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Leverages the standard Jack Henry & Associates integration framework allowing easy and secure access to integrate multiple JHA products into the jhaEnterprise Workflow solution.
  • The solution also allows 3rd party products to participate in the workflow process too.  This includes external applications and pass arguments, 3rd Party SOAP Web Services and Data Queries.  The 3rd party can be used in conjunction with the JHA products to solve the business process need.​ 

What It Does For You ​

  • Supports dynamic operating environments and evolving business processes.
  • Supports dynamic operating environments and evolving business processes.
  • Expedites responses to changing regulatory requirements with the ability to immediately update bank-wide business processes.
  • Eliminates time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-prone manual tasks and the redundant data.
  • Improves staff productivity and reduces labor requirements.
  • Generates material operating efficiencies, eliminates operational redundancies, and reduces operating costs and risks.
  • Enables banks to enhance customer service and responsiveness.
  • Provides one fully integrated end user solution that supports diverse operating environments and multiple products and services.
​​​​​​​Jack Henry Banking helps busy bank executives free their valuable time to focus on other critical tasks for success in today’s intensely competitive financial services market.​
  • Tools & Resources
    jhaEnterprise Workflow Inforgraphic - Manage Liabilities and Increase Efficiency

    Mistakes are costly, time-consuming, and – quite frankly – unacceptable. By automating your workflow, you can streamline and standardize your business processes, eliminating the possibility of errors.
    jhaEnterprise Workflow™ Marketplace White Paper

    The JHA Marketplace™ is a valuable resource in helping banks make the most of their investment in the jhaEnterprise Workflow solution. Here banks will find over 50 pre-defined workflows, including documentation and installation instructions. As we build jhaEnterprise Workflow (EWF) workflows for our clients, we also continue to standardize and add these workflows to the JHA Marketplace for the benefit of all.
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  • Product Briefs
    jhaEnterprise Workflow

    Simplify multi-step business processes with jhaEnterprise Workflow. This Jack Henry Banking® solution revolutionizes enterprise-wide workflow by automatically routing tasks to groups and individuals based on availability, rotation, and permission levels.

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