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Case Studies


Case Studies

De Novo Case Study - First Florida Integrity Bank

“We made a massive commitment to technology because we wanted to be competitive." -Peter Setaro, SVP/CIO

First Florida Integrity Bank Invests in Technology for De Novo Launch

“We made a massive commitment to technology because we wanted to be competitive.”– Peter Setaro, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Information Officer First Florida Integrity Bank

PowerOn - Citizens National Bank

“Being able to use PowerOn to quickly pull in what information you need is great. It’s more than great, it’s brilliant.” -Pam Ihli, SVP/CTO, Citizens National Bank

jhaCall Center Case Study - Camden National Bank

“jhaCall Center has given us the ability to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and community in a very tangible way.”

CIF 20/20 to SilverLake Migration - Citizens National Bank Case Study

“At the end of the day, SilverLake had the customization capabilities we needed to achieve our goals and ultimately help our bank grow.” -Pam Ihli, SVP & CTO, Citzens National Bank

Suite of Products Case Study - River Valley Bank

“The functionality, customized reporting capabilities, ease-of-use, and robustness of SilverLake was our first big Jack Henry Banking 'wow'." - Todd Nagel, President/CEO, River Valley Bank

SilverLake System Case Study - First Commonwealth Bank

“SilverLake System and its many complementary solutions and services allow us to offer more to our customers.” - Norman J. Montgomery, Executive Vice President, First Commonwealth Bank

Centurion Hosted High Availability Case Study

“If you complete a Business Impact Analysis and think about the reputational risk of not being able to serve your customers in the manner they will expect, it’s easy to make the decision.”

Synapsys ® and Extraco Banks

“Because we can customize our system, we have improved customer service and reduced work for front-line employees as well as the operations staff. Synapsys takes work off the table and reduces stress for everybody.”

JHA OutLink Processing Services and Univest

“I’d say that OutLink makes us more nimble. We can move more quickly. If there is something we want to take on, we can.” -Eric W. Conner, Chief Technology Officer & EVP, Univest Bank & Trust Co.

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