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About Us

Jack Henry & Associates’ original business line was founded in 1976 to provide banks with off-the-shelf banking software. More than four decades later, Jack Henry Banking is a leading provider of the integrated technology platforms banks need to process financial transactions, automate business processes, and manage mission-critical customer and business information.

We now serve as the primary technology partner for approximately 1,100 banks ranging from community banks to multi-billion dollar mid-tier banks and multi-bank holding companies, including approximately 15 percent of mid-tier banks with assets ranging from $1 billion to $30 billion.

Our broad product and service offering enables banks to execute their business strategies with technology platforms tailored to support unique growth, service, operational, and performance goals. Our banking solutions encompass three functionally distinct core systems, more than 140 complementary solutions, in-house and outsourced delivery alternatives, contemporary technology, and the infrastructure necessary to support today’s complex banking platforms as a single point of contact, ongoing service, and accountability.

Our three core banking platforms, which have been selected to replace every major competitive alternative marketed today, are:

  • SilverLake System® – a highly customizable, commercial-focused IBM® Power™ System-based solution for commercial banks
  • CIF 20/20® – a parameter-driven IBM Power System-based solution
  • Core Director® – a Windows®-based client/server solution

Our integrated complementary products and services enhance the functionality of these core systems and enable banks to respond to specific business opportunities and operational challenges with production-proven solutions. Our best-of-suite complementary solutions include retail delivery, online and mobile, payments, imaging, information security and risk management, business intelligence and financial performance, and training and consulting solutions. Through internal product development, disciplined acquisitions, and alliances with companies offering niche solutions that complement our proprietary solutions, we regularly introduce new products and services that expand our offering and generate new cross-sales opportunities.

Our primary competitive advantage is customer service. Our support infrastructure and strict standards provide service levels we believe to be the highest in the markets we serve and generate high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. We accurately measure customer satisfaction using comprehensive annual surveys and more than 80,000 random surveys initiated by the service requests we received this year. Dedicated surveys are also used to grade specific aspects of our customer experience, including product implementation, education, and consulting services. The results of this year’s surveys once again confirmed that our service quality exceeded our customers’ expectations. Our continuous survey process also helps us identify specific opportunities to enhance our support infrastructure and enhance the day-to-day service experience we provide.

We consistently leverage our core and complementary solutions, service standards, and market presence and reputation to retain and expand our existing client relationships and earn new core customers.​​​

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