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JHA Online Credentials Protection™ 

A new level of end-user security for your online and mobile solutions

JHA Online Credentials Protection is a production-proven solution that provides an additional layer of end user security by encrypting each keystroke as user IDs and passwords are entered. It helps ensure that end-user credentials cannot be harvested via browser-based malware by encrypting the password input fields and ensuring specific webpage segments containing credential input fields cannot be recorded and captured. 

This add-on security solution supports an array of JHA online, mobile, and tablet solutions. It does not require any end-user downloads or changes to your bank’s retail website or user configurations. It is also fully compatible with all supported browsers. 

Core compatibility: Core Director, CIF 20/20, SilverLake

What It Does

  • Encrypts each keystroke as user IDs and passwords for online and mobile solutions are entered.
  • Supports the FFIEC’s enhanced expectations regarding the protection of online customers from fraud, as per the 2011 Authentication Guidance Supplement.
  • Prevents browser-based malware from harvesting passwords as they are entered. Web-based ordering utilities
  • Protects specific webpage segments containing credential input fields from being recorded and captured.

What It Does For Me

  • Delivers additional protection for your online, mobile, and tablet customers. Requires no dedicated resources to monitor a console for suspicious activity.
  • Keeps your online, mobile, and tablet solutions a step ahead of the newest malware threats.
  • Provides peace of mind.


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