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JHA OpenAnywhereTM

Digital Account Opening

Today’s digital mentality means consumers and businesses expect you to provide the modern solutions they need to interact and transact with your financial institution anytime, anywhere. Today, they expect convenience.

JHA OpenAnywhere supports today’s growing demand for digital account opening and is a must-have service for consumers and businesses that have adopted mobile as their primary banking channel. This account opening platform lets existing and prospective accountholders open new accounts in minutes. This browser-based, highly configurable solution leverages a modern, responsive design that ensures an intuitive user experience on any device. You can also futher mobilize your accountholder interactions by using JHA OpenAnywhere to seamlessly and quickly open accounts wherever and whenever those interactions take place.

The dynamic rules engine lets you fully customize the system and your account opening workflow and supports ongoing granular control of the functionality without technical resources or assistance.

JHA OpenAnywhere will enhance your digital platform while increasing deposits, improving your operating efficiencies, and enhancing accountholder convenience, satisfaction, and retention.

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