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NetTeller® Online Banking™

Bank-branded Internet banking

NetTeller Online Banking is a comprehensive, turnkey Internet banking platform that enables banks to leverage today’s most cost-effective delivery channel by establishing robust, fully branded, secure Internet banking sites. This solution’s state-of-the-industry, near-real-time capabilities can include access to account balances and history, one-time and recurring funds transfers, account statement and check image viewing and downloads, self-directed research, check ordering, loan payments, advances, draws, and downloads of account information into personal financial management solutions such as Quicken® products and Jack Henry Banking’s OurCashFlow™ solution. NetTeller Online Banking also supports the management of personal information including email address and password changes. This online solution improves customer self-sufficiency, interaction, and loyalty by leveraging the power and convenience of the Internet to provide greater account control and 24/7/365 service. This sophisticated Internet banking site also generates ongoing sales and cross-sell opportunities, provides a new promotional channel, and enables market expansion beyond geographic locations.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System®, CIF 20/20®, and Core Director® platforms.

What It Does

  • Provides a turnkey solution that enables banks to develop robust, fully branded Internet sites. 
  • Provides state-of-the-industry online capabilities that can include:
    • Access to account balances and history for an unlimited number of accounts.
    • One-time and recurring funds transfers.
    • Statement and check image viewing and downloads.
    • Self-directed research.
    • Loan payments including principal only, interest only, or principal and interest options.
    • Placing and monitoring of stop payments.
    • Loan advances or draws.
    • Check ordering.
    • Bank-to-bank transfers.
    • Downloads of account information into personal financial management solutions such as Quicken products.
    • Management of personal information including email address and password changes. 
  • Offers an optional add-on module, Offline Mode, which presents basic online banking functionality when a bank’s host is unavailable. 
  • Provides an optional add-on service, Live Chat, which allows customers to chat with support representatives in near real time, seamlessly in NetTeller. 
  • Personalizes the online banking experience with MyNetTeller dashboards. 
  • Provides full integration with Jack Henry Banking’s core processing solutions and select complementary solutions including goDough mobile banking, Electronic Statements–Interactive, iPay’s Business Bill Pay and Consumer Bill Pay solutions, iPay TheWayiPay P2P solution, the iBizManager iPad-based commercial banking solution, StatementRewards, and the DeepTarget OLB electronic banner marketing solution.
  • Enforces the industry’s highest security standards. 
  • Provides security and protection with Multifactor Authentication. 
  • Integrates with Symantec Hard Tokens which provide hacker-resistant fraud protection for online banking transactions. 
  • Provides an operational alternative with DirectLine OFX which supports retail and commercial customers who use PC-based financial management systems with interactive financial management. 
  • Integrates ongoing technology advances. 

What It Does For You

  • Provides a competitive necessity that is now fundamental to attracting, retaining, and proactively serving retail and commercial customers. 
  • Leverages the power and convenience of today’s most cost-effective delivery channel, the Internet. 
  • Improves customer self-sufficiency, interaction, and loyalty. 
  • Provides customers with greater control and online service 24/7/365. 
  • Generates ongoing sales and cross-sell opportunities. 
  • Provides a new product and service promotional channel. 
  • Enables market expansion beyond geographic locations. 
  • Supports distinct customer preferences with either browser-based Internet banking solutions or interactive financial management. 
NetTeller Online Banking Video
  • Product Briefs
    NetTeller Online Banking Product Brief

    Internet banking has become a competitive necessity that is fundamental to attracting, retaining, and proactively serving retail and commercial customers. If you’re not providing your customers with online access to their accounts and the ability to initiate transactions when they want, chances are they will find a bank that does. NetTeller Online Banking maximizes customer convenience and helps your bank remain competitive and profitable in the evolving marketplace.

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