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JHA Payment Solutions
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JHA Payment Solutions™ 

JHA Payment Solutions is strategically positioned as a true payments partner with production-proven, scalable solutions that simplify complex payments transacted in virtually every traditional and emerging channel. Operating as a payments partner with approximately 5,600 clients, including banks and credit unions and diverse businesses outside the financial services industry, JHA Payment Solutions is ready, willing, and uniquely able to support your strategic plans to modernize your existing payment channels and confidently enter new and emerging channels. We support virtually every payment type and channel with production-proven solutions and innovative technology that empower our diverse clients to:
  • Support market-demand for a convenient and secure payment experience.
  • Simplify complex payment processing.
  • Attract and retain more loyal and profitable retail and commercial accounts with relevant, competitively distinct payment options.
  • Aggressively and successfully compete with traditional and non-traditional payment processors.
  • Leverage proven programs that encourage consumer adoption and promote organic growth.
  • Maximize operating efficiencies and the economies-of-scale available through vendor consolidation.
  • Positively impact the bottom line by reducing operating costs and maximizing revenue potential.
  • Leverage an operational infrastructure and expertise impossible for individual organizations to assemble and maintain internally.
  • Deploy unique reporting and analytics tools that generate actionable insights and decision-support information. · Proactively mitigate and manage payments-related risk and fraud.
  • Comply with dynamic regulatory mandates.
  • Stay at the forefront of payments innovation with solutions that are consistently enhanced through research and development, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships.
JHA Payment Solutions will replace payment processing silos with a highly scalable, holistic payments ecosystem that is faster, simpler, and secure.​​​​​​​​​

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