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ArgoKeys Branch Sales Automation
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ArgoKeys® DepositKeys™

Deposit account opening and administration

DepositKeys fully automates the process required to open and administer deposit accounts including initial data entry, transaction processing, customer and account inquiries, access to near-real-time customer information, ongoing account maintenance, and check ordering. This solution’s best-of-breed functionality provides proven sales tools that support online presentations of product features, benefits, comparisons, and "what if" calculations. The comprehensive information and sophisticated business tools provided by DepositKeys enable banks to enhance customer satisfaction and retention and deepen customer relationships by increasing initial sales and ongoing cross sales.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform.

What It Does

  • Focuses on increasing sales and customer retention.
  • Provides tools and information that increase cross-sell ratios and deepen customer relationships.
  • Includes SilverLake System integration for new account data entry, customer and account inquiries, customer profile information, and account maintenance.
  • Integrates with the Synergy eSign module, providing the ability to digitally capture legally binding signatures and permanently and securely embed them into non-editable and auto-indexed PDF files.
  • Delivers a near-real-time, enterprise-wide customer view that bridges the gap between delivery channels and business units.
  • Interfaces with the major check printing companies, allowing users to order checks online without leaving the application.
  • Allows users to conduct an online ChexSystems inquiry as part of the account-opening process.
  • Provides online product presentations that display product features and benefits, product comparisons, and product companions.
  • Allows the user to flow through the account opening process while quickly accessing the necessary customer information.
  • Allows inquiries to access host applications for online information that is presented in an intuitive notebook format.
  • Retrieves account information upon customer identification, providing a complete picture of the customer’s relationship.
  • Provides the flexibility to define and maintain product definitions.
  • Allows authorized users to make changes within DepositKeys without requiring a programmer to perform coding changes.
  • Provides ability to package price products globally, regionally, or by office.

What It Does For You

  • Provides a complete picture of customers’ banking relationships.
  • Increases cross-sell opportunities, sales, and revenue.
  • Reduces errors by propagating data when possible and providing edit checks for data entry validation.
  • Strengthens customer relationships.
  • Allows users to become proficient quickly by providing simple navigation and eliminating the need for code memorization.
  • Improves operating efficiency.
  • Helps prevent the inherent risks associated with fraud.
  • Product Briefs
    ArgoKeys DepositKeys Product Brief

    When you combine service with appropriate cross-sell opportunities, you can grow your customers’ wallets along with your own revenue. ArgoKeys DepositKeys helps foster unique customer relationships by offering real-time account information that creates a platform to help build personalized product bundles. This solution’s intuitive interface and streamlined workflow dramatically reduce the amount of time users spend maneuvering through the system, giving your staff quick access to the tools they need to grow client relationships.

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