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ArgoKeys Branch Sales Automation
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​ArgoKeys® LendingKeys™

Consumer and business lending

LendingKeys automates the entire lending process including online needs analysis, product presentations, loan origination, application tracking, underwriting, credit bureau checks, document preparation, and loan closing and booking. This sophisticated system supports consumer direct, business, and mortgage lending. LendingKeys fully automates a traditionally manual process, significantly reducing the time required to originate and process loans and minimizing potential errors throughout the entire lending process.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform.

What It Does

  • Provides sales tools that enhance customers’ active participation in the sales process such as product presentations/comparisons and a what if calculator.
  • Promotes proactive cross selling through product companion functionality.
  • Offers product recommendations and available service options during account opening.
  • Integrates with the Synergy eSign module, providing the ability to digitally capture legally binding signatures and permanently and securely embed them into non-editable and auto-indexed PDF files.
  • Provides for direct Internet consumer loan submission and inquiry through integration with Jack Henry Banking’s Opening Act application.
  • Produces an automated, end-to-end process flow from the initial customer contact to the application/disclosure phase, the underwriting phase, and the closing/documentation/booking of the sale.
  • Provides disclosure and required forms prompts when applicable so the employee does not have to memorize codes, disclosure rules and regulations, and forms completion.
  • Calculates key ratios such as loan to value, net worth, and debt to income automatically.
  • Interfaces with vendors to provide online credit bureau retrieval with a selection of easy-to-read views.
  • Eliminates the need to stock preprinted forms such as loan applications and lending disclosures.
  • Provides required field indicators and field edits.
  • Helps ensure that all required forms are prefilled and printed.
  • Maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all actions taken, when and by whom, throughout the lending process.
  • Requires overrides when action exceeds user authority.
  • Provides functionality to document online information pertinent to the loan file.
  • Disbursement feature provides the ability to record the loan transaction directly to the host system eliminating the need to run G/L tickets.

What It Does For You

  • Increases sales opportunities through an elevated sales process and customer experience.
  • Automates processes, creating more time to profile customers and deepen relationships.
  • Reduces operating and/or training time through field edits and controls.
  • Saves money through reduced processing time and distributed processing capabilities.
  • Reduces errors and enforces policies at the desktop.
  • Increases customer retention and satisfaction by enabling employees to better understand and meet customer needs.
  • Provides increased profits by utilizing available information and sales tools to cross sell and up sell products and services.
  • Reduces risks by interfacing with vendors responsible for forms and calculations compliance.

  • Product Briefs
    ArgoKeys LendingKeys Product Brief

    Increase operational efficiency using a solution that automates the entire lending process. Seamlessly navigate through every step of your consumer and commercial loan application process with ease. Remove the everyday burdens of regulatory compliance, complex calculations and redundant data entry, while providing consistent, uniform underwriting decisions tailored specifically to your loan policy. With ArgoKeys LendingKeys, you’ll save time, reduce errors, and be free to focus on providing your customers with a higher level of service they deserve.

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