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ArgoKeys Branch Sales Automation
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ArgoKeys® RelationshipKeys™

Customer relationship management

RelationshipKeys is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution that accesses and compiles customer information and intelligently processes that information to build and maintain complete profiles of retail and commercial customers. This best-of-breed solution captures internal and external customer information, identifies the demographic data that does not exist in automated systems, and provides guided prompts to collect that data across all delivery channels and points of contact. RelationshipKeys also provides near-real-time customer contact and event tracking, referral and complaint management, workflow and fulfillment processing, promotional campaign and offer management, and detailed reporting. RelationshipKeys enables banks to proactively enhance their customer experience, expand customer relationships through a more refined sales process, successfully compete for new customers, and better manage costs.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform.

What It Does

  • Combines technology and integrated applications across delivery channels and business lines.
  • Captures important customer data, automates manual processes, provides relationship management capabilities and promotes sales opportunities.
  • Uses guided interviews to collect demographic data.
  • Processes information to build comprehensive customer profiles, including related accounts, related customers, and customer relationships.
  • Provides near-real-time access to contact and event tracking, customer/prospect relationship management, referral and complaint processing, contact management, workflow and fulfillment processing, campaign offers, and management reporting.
  • Supports the collection, display, and maintenance of supplemental customer information for both business and retail customers.
  • Customizes a bank-defined view in the CRM profile.
  • Categorizes customers into relationships in which a total sphere of influence can be defined and managed.
  • Allows bankers to see customer information in easy-to-read summaries with key information grouped and displayed for easy access and updates.
  • Provides access to contact and event data in which interactions between banks and their customers are tracked and monitored.
  • Allows banks to gather and save prospective customer information that can be retrieved and used for future marketing efforts.
  • Easily converts prospect records into customer records when accounts are opened.
  • Allows banks to attach product offers – whether from specific product requests or from the results of a profiling interview – to an "offers" tab included in the customer profile.
  • Generates offers using the RelationshipKeys Consumer Offers Wizard, profiling results, or campaign management functions.
  • Enables bank personnel to view all pending offers, the source and purpose of the offer, view and/or modify the status, and add additional comments to each offer.
  • Enables marketing campaigns to be managed at various levels of the organization.
  • Provides the ability to push each campaign out to the entire organization or select units.
  • Tracks results in near-real-time reports for analysis of strategy effectiveness.
  • Provides data on customer channel usage and preferences at the account, customer, and relationship level.
  • Automates the process of making referrals to individuals and business units across the enterprise.
  • Eases the completion and routing of referrals and complaints by using the consumer profile information already on hand.

What It Does For You

  • Expands customer relationships, increases customer loyalty and supports new customer acquisition.
  • Enhances the customer experience and sales process.
  • Enhances banks’ abilities to know their customers.
  • Provides the ability to more effectively sell and service an existing customer base by providing access to comprehensive customer information.
  • Helps identify sales opportunities and significantly increases the relevance of banks’ offerings by responding to specific customer needs.
  • Gives bankers an understanding of what areas of influence may affect customer decisions.
  • Allows for more effective management of customers and their accounts.
  • Allows bankers to gauge the customers’ financial position before moving to the sales process.
  • Provides prospect management, customer offers, and campaign management that maximize sales opportunities for both potential and existing customers.
  • Provides bankers with the flexibility to support both proactive and reactive sales opportunities as defined by banks.
  • Maximizes return on marketing and retention efforts by capturing customer interactions.
  • Allows a bank to align products and services to customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Allows banks to measure the effectiveness of the referral process by employee and at each level of the enterprise.
  • Improves fulfillment and follow-up quality, increasing sales opportunities through faster communication.
  • Enables banks to reduce expenses through process automation, improves fulfillment and follow-up quality, and increases sales opportunities through faster communication.
  • Enables banks to enhance their retail delivery capabilities while maximizing their performance and profits.
  • Supports customer sales and service across lines of business.


  • Product Briefs
    ArgoKeys RelationshipKeys Product Brief

    Accurate, accessible customer information can help you design products and services that can increase sales and build more profitable customer relationships. When it comes to understanding your client base, ArgoKeys RelationshipKeys takes the guesswork out of planning and helps you grow your business.

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