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CIF 20/20 Teller

Teller CheckMaster™

Teller CheckMaster™ enables the teller system to print high-quality checks for any department. Tellers can instantly produce cashier’s checks, money orders, expense checks, and loan proceeds checks, completing each process in mere seconds.
Teller CheckMaster also enables a bank to reconcile issued checks, create online check registers, print custom logos on checks, and generate reports for any department. This fully integrated module can improve a bank’s bottom line by replacing expensive preprinted checks and drastically reducing the time required to produce checks. Voided checks resulting from typing errors are also eliminated. This module helps monitor fee collections, automatically updates the monetary instrument log, and helps prevent check fraud and forgery. Teller CheckMaster automatically tracks each check produced and can print a digitized signature to prevent unauthorized signatures, helping to ensure that tellers follow related bank policies.

What It Does

  • Allows tellers to quickly produce cashier’s checks, money orders, expense checks, and loan proceeds checks, with each process taking 10-20 seconds.
  • Imprints custom logos onto checks.
  • Prints digitized signatures to prevent unauthorized signatures.
  • Produces reports for any department.
  • Helps monitor fee collections and assists in producing the monetary instrument log.
  • Prints checks from CSRs’ desks for accounts being closed.
  • Quickly reconciles issued checks and creates online check registers.

What It Does For You

  • Lowers banks’ costs of pre-printed checks and other forms.
  •  Increases security for authorized signatures.
  • Replaces expensive preprinted checks.
  • Increases profitability by automatically monitoring fee assessments and collections.
  • Enables dual signature and Issue Amount supervisor overrides.
  • Allows printing of checks while in offline mode with locally stored check image templates.

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