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CIF 20/20 Teller

Teller CTRMaster™

Teller CTRMaster™ assists tellers, bookkeepers, and data processing departments with producing the Currency Transaction Report (CTR). This module alerts tellers of CTR violations and allows them to electronically capture the Benefactor and Transactor information essential for the CTR report. Teller CTRMaster allows tellers to store data electronically, and tracks and aggregates multiple cash transactions for multiple customer accounts. This module also accesses and updates an electronic file of both customer and non-customer information and transmits CTR data to FinCEN.

What It Does

  • Provides a convenient method to produce over-the-counter checks and deposit tickets for customers when processing transactions at the teller window.
  • Includes the customer’s name and address and MICR-encoded account number on checks and deposit tickets(printed four at a time).
  • Prints starter kits at the customer service desk, allowing for a variable number of checks and deposit checks to be printed in a sequence of 4, 8. 12, etc. format.

What It Does For You

  • Eliminates the need for counter tickets to be stocked and inventoried.
  • Increases accuracy on tickets which are otherwise handwritten and subject to error.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase, stock, and inventory starter kits for new accounts.
  • Checks produced through Teller CheckMaster Plus include the customer’s name and address and are accepted more widely than typical starter kit checks from check vendors.

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