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CIF 20/20 Teller


TellerMaster™ provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize transaction processing solution that enables tellers to process any over-the-counter transaction. Tellers can quickly respond to customer requests and have instant access to overrides from any manager logged into the system. They can review checks, signature cards, and in-depth customer data without ever walking away from customers. TellerMaster’s electronic journaling and messaging features give front-line personnel resources to protect against fraud, increase bank security, and freely share information enterprise-wide.

What It Does

  • Provides customized transaction setup, easy-to-use balancing and research functions, and electronic journal capabilities.
  • Fully integrates with Jack Henry Banking’s document and check imaging platforms.
  • Displays customer names, balances, alerts, messages, memo posts, and inquiries.
  • Provides immediate access to current, customized, and in-depth customer data.
  • Provides the ability to view check images and signature cards from teller workstations.
  • Allows tellers to request override approval from any manager logged into the system.
  • Enables tellers to share branch information easily and instantly.

What It Does For You

  • Significantly increases transaction processing speed.
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency of teller operations.
  • Provides tellers, customer service representatives, and managers with the tools necessary for the bank to run efficiently and profitably.
  • Helps protect bank and account holder assets.
  • Intuitive design and navigation reduces training needs.

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