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Core Director Teller
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Core Director® Teller™

Teller sales, service, and transaction processing

Core Director Teller supports every aspect of teller operations, including customizable transaction setup and processing, intuitive balancing and research functions, customizable receipts, automatic off-line store/forward, electronic journal capabilities, and aggregate currency transaction reporting (CTR) and monetary instrument logging (MIL). This client/ server-based system provides near-real-time displays of customer information, current account balances, alert and CIF messages, memo posts, application inquiries, check images, signature cards, customer identification, and the ability to share information among branches and request immediate assistance from any bank associate logged on to the system. Core Director Teller is based on Microsoft’s Smart Client technology, and provides the advanced automation and business tools tellers, customer service representatives, and bank managers need to improve the speed and accuracy of transaction processing, increase operating efficiencies, enhance customer service, and reduce fraud.

This solution is available to banks automated by the Core Director® platform.


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