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Check Writer for Core Director® 

Customized check printing solution

Check Writer for Core Director allows bank personnel to quickly and easily produce and laser print official checks including cashiers checks and money orders. This solution also provides the ability to generate checks for certificates of deposit, IRAs, and loan proceeds. Check Writer for Core Director creates high-quality checks for any department in the bank using the bank’s own paper stock and a laser printer. It can even produce checks for a customer’s account. These checks are suitable as replacements for starter checks.

This solution is available to banks automated by the Core Director® platform.

What It Does

  • Allows tellers to quickly and easily produce and laser print official checks including cashiers checks, money orders, and loan proceed checks.
  • Prints high-quality checks using the bank’s check paper stock on its own laser printer.
  •  Creates templates in Microsoft Word and populates the templates with data at execution time.
  •  Provides greater flexibility in designing professional looking checks to allow for different font usage, alignment, bank logos, signatures, and watermarks.
  • Allows checks to be printed with MICR toner if the bank elects to print the MICR line.
  • Provides the bank with the flexibility to set the checking account number for each individual type of check produced.
  • Automatically tracks each check produced and can print a digitized signature to help prevent unauthorized signatures.
  • Provides a minimum dollar for a second signature for each check type.
  • Allows a bank to quickly reconcile issued checks, generate customized reports for any department, create online check registers, print checks from CSRs’ desks for closed accounts, and generate loan proceed checks.

What It Does For You

  • Provides a quick and easy way to print checks.
  • Allows for greater flexibility in designing professional checks.
  • Reduces security risks by helping to prevent check fraud and forgery.
  • Replaces expensive preprinted checks.
  • Drastically reduces the time required to manually produce checks.
  • Improves efficiencies and eliminates voided checks resulting from manual typing errors. 



  • Product Briefs
    Check Writer for Core Director

    Create and print official checks easily, affordably, and securely right at the branch with Check Writer for Core Director. This fully integrated solution saves you time and money and reduces the potential for human error and check fraud.

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