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Core Director® Teller Capture

Check processing and truncation

Core Director Teller Capture utilizes the Alogent® Front Counter application to provide teller deposit automation functionality. This end-to-end, fully integrated solution improves customer service by enabling tellers to instantly capture, validate, correct, and balance deposits before the customer leaves the branch. Core Director Teller Capture provides extended same day availability, improves funds availability, and reduces exchange costs. This solution eliminates the need for cash tickets and truncates the majority of checks, significantly reducing paper resources and back office costs.

This solution is available to banks automated by the Core Director® platform.

What It Does

  • Converts paper checks, deposit slips, payment coupons, and other paper items into electronic images at the teller line.
  • Supports deferred transactions, reversals, and electronic journal integration.
  • Offers straightforward transaction balancing at the teller line.
  • Provides extensive scanner device support.
  • Includes advanced recognition technologies (ICR/CAR/LAR) to automatically read transaction data and validate it using the latest image-based processing technologies.
  • Offers image quality and usability analysis (IQA/IUA).
  • Generates confirmed transaction receipts. 
  • Identifies errors, non-conforming items, and other exceptions at the teller line while the customer is still present.
  • Creates virtual endorsements.
  • Enables secure item transport.

What It Does For You

  • Simplifies and streamlines transaction processes in the branch beginning at the teller line.
  • Maximizes the cost savings available through branch image capture.
  • Reduces error rates and improves teller efficiencies through reduced service times and fewer keystrokes.
  • Reduces costs through check truncation and the elimination of paper documents.
  • Helps ensure near-real-time transaction accuracy, integrity, and conformance with image-quality standards.
  • Allows banks to take advantage of more cost effective clearing options.
  • Maximizes teller "heads-up" time, changing the focus from the transaction to the customer and enabling them to optimize cross-sell opportunities.
  • Helps improve the customer experience through better, more-attentive customer service, extended hours and cutoff times, and confirmed transaction receipts.
  • Expedites funds availability.
  • Mitigates financial and operational risks associated with paper-based transaction processes.
  • Product Briefs
    Core Director Teller Capture Product Brief

    Good customer service starts with your tellers, but are you providing tellers with the technology they need to be as efficient as possible? Core Director Teller Capture allows your front line personnel to focus on building relationships with your customers because it frees them from manual data entry and potential errors. This solution also allows you to maximize the cost savings associated with image-based transaction processing and improve cross-sell rates.

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