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jhaCall Center™ software 

Customers are telling you more than you think – every time they call 

What if you could reduce the time customers spend on the phone because you quickly handle calls to their satisfaction? jhaCall Center software provides a service edge that helps you delight customers and create efficiency in your phone answering process. Banks using this software report both positive customer experiences and process improvements. That’s because jhaCall Center software users can focus on the caller, not the technology.  

The software unobtrusively supports your staff. It accomplishes this by providing: 
  • Preformatted templates for users to gather and route information. 
  • Simple drop-down menus to access templates for different call categories.
  • Computer telephone integration (CTI) that automatically identifies a customer and displays authentication questions – before you even answer.
  • Quick access to online banking for PIN resets, and to ATM/debit card information for changing card limits, card issues, and more. 
 Full integration with: 
  • jhaEnterprise Workflow™ to initiate multi-step tasks if required 
  • Synapsys® customer relationship software for recordkeeping and reference 
  • SilverLake System® and CIF 20/20®
jhaCall Center™ software –valuable insights for strategic planning.

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