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OnBoard Deposits

Next-generation deposit platform solution

OnBoard Deposits is an automated, integrated solution that enables retail and commercial customers to open and maintain checking, savings, IRA, and money market accounts; certificates of deposit; and safe-deposit boxes.

OnBoard Deposits uses compliance-based dynamic forms, which accommodate multiple owners, signers, nested entities, and lengthy names; are based on the unique characteristics of each account for clean, compliant documents; are customer-facing and product-specific; and are updated via timesaving, automated software updates. The dynamic forms technology used by OnBoard Deposits facilitates compliance with state and federal regulations by helping to ensure that the correct forms and verbiage are being used to manage and mitigate transaction risk.

Built and designed within the Jack Henry Banking® Xperience™ framework, OnBoard Deposits has the same look and feel as all other core data and ancillary products, and provides the single sign-on capabilities you’re used to. In addition to its core compatibility, OnBoard Deposits integrates with Jack Henry Banking’s jhaID Scan™, jhaPassPort™, NetTeller®, Synergy eSign™, Synergy eSignWeb™, Synergy iSign™, Yellow Hammer BSA™ solutions, and much more. OnBoard Deposits also interfaces with third-party check printing vendors, identification verification vendors, and more. This solution’s Quick Links tool enables users to quickly access commonly used websites; and its Quick Docs feature provides fast access to custom documents, notices of action, welcome letters, and other bank-defined documents.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform and CIF 20/20® core platforms.​

What It Does 

  •  Offers an automated, integrated solution for opening new deposit accounts.
  • Generates dynamic new account documents and disclosures in 51 jurisdictions.
  • Facilitates compliance with state and federal regulations regarding disclosure forms, generating the correct forms required for any account while dynamically accommodating lengthy account owner names.
  • Eliminates the need for pre-printed account disclosures, reducing storage space and related expenses.
  • Supports bank-defined Microsoft® Word and Excel documents and spreadsheets, as well as customized documents from compliance vendors.
  • Integrates with Jack Henry Banking’s SilverLake System and CIF 20/20 core solutions.
  • Supports bank-created or core-generated account numbers for enterprise standardization.
  • Supports electronic signatures and bar code creation for automation with electronic content management (ECM) solutions.
  • Integrates with other Jack Henry Banking complementary products, including jhaID Scan, jhaPassPort, NetTeller, Synergy eSign, Synergy eSignWeb, and Yellow Hammer BSA.
  • Utilizes the jXchange™ middleware for integration with Jack Henry Banking complementary products and third-party products.
  • Available for in-house and JHA OutLink Processing Services™ (JHA OPS) clients.

What It Does For You

  • Helps banks fulfill customer and account inquiries quickly and accurately.
  • Supports bank-defined product packaging to improve cross-sales and reduce operator keystrokes.
  • Allows users to become proficient quickly, optimize the advanced functionality, and immediately improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Provides an automated forms update process to eliminate manual data mapping on compliance forms.
  • Offers enterprise-wide access to customer information and simplifies initial data entry, transaction processing, and account maintenance.
  • Reduces errors by propagating data when possible and by providing field-level edit checks to validate data entry.
  • Leverages Jack Henry Banking’s Xperience enterprise framework for a one-step, single sign-on, single-input process.
  • Product Briefs
    OnBoard Deposits™

    Quickly and accurately open and maintain retail and commercial checking, savings, IRA, and money market accounts; certificates of deposits; and safe-deposit boxes.

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