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SilverLake Teller
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SilverLake Teller™

Comprehensive teller sales, services, and transaction processing

SilverLake Teller offers full integration with Jack Henry Banking’s SilverLake Xperience™ core processing solution. This enables the quick and easy display of customer names, balances, memo posting, account inquiries, alerts, and CIF messages from one keystroke. This object-oriented technology can be easily modified, requires minimal maintenance, and seamlessly integrates evolving bank processes, enabling institutions to adapt to industry changes. SilverLake Teller saves time and improves customer service by significantly increasing teller transaction processing speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It also fully integrates with Jack Henry Banking’s document and check imaging platforms, as well as the Yellow Hammerand AlertCenterfraud detection and prevention products.

This solution is available to banks automated by the SilverLake System® platform.


  • Product Briefs
    SilverLake Teller Product Brief

    Designed by tellers for tellers, SilverLake Teller is a modular solution that gives tellers, customer service representatives, and managers tools to help their banks run more efficiently and profitably. It offers tellers superior automation and integration, enabling them to work faster and more accurately, improving customer service.

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